«DC»  - The supplier of the industrial equipment

The basic kinds of activity of Firm «DC»
- Delivery of the pump equipment; 
- Complete set of pumps by electric motors; 
- Selection of pumps for required parameters; 
- Delivery of electric motors; 
- Delivery of other industrial equipment; 
- Delivery of production льноконоплепроизводства; 
- огнезащитная processing of wooden designs

From the moment of creation the Firm "«ДС" carried out delivery of production in the following countries: Russia, Беларусь, Молдова, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Туркменистан, Azerbaijan.
The director Кириченко Сергей Ефремович.

Our partners: ЗАО « ЛГМ - Герметика »,. Moscow

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